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Wearing Schedule

  • *ALWAYS tighten your brace when you are lying down!* This is to allow your body to unwind and move into the expansion areas built into the brace to obtain best correction.
  • Check skin for any redness that lasts more than 30 minutes after removing brace
  • If you have any concerns or questions about your brace fitting, wearing schedule, etc please call your local office
Day 1Wear brace for 1 hour
Day 2Wear brace for 2 hours
Day 3Wear brace for 3 hours
Day 4Wear brace for 4 hours
Day 5Wear brace for 6-7 hours
Day 6Wear brace for 8 hours or to sleep
Day 7+Continue to wear your brace for an additional hour each day until you reach the prescribed maximum suggested number of hours usually between 16-23 hours.